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    First Time Sissy Fag Cocksucker

    He’d never had another man’s cock in his mouth, not even in his hand… now here he was, on his knees doing both. He could feel his cock harden in his panties, another thing he’d never done. Today was a day of firsts, just like Mistress had told him it would be. He hadn’t believed she’d really make him go through with it, never dreamed that the fantasy of forced feminization would lead to his even more deeply hidden fantasy of forced bi humiliation. He thought she’d treated it as mere routine, but here he was feminized and face fucked and every nuance of every fantasy he’d shared with her on their late night calls…. it was here, this was it.

    “Oh, you thought I wasn’t paying attention, didn’t you, girlfriend?” she whispered in his ear as her hand guided his mouth firmly down on the enormous cock  before him. “Look at you now, girly… a sissy fag cocksucker just like you’ve been dreaming of. You’re like every man, you need a woman to push you to do what needs to be done. Suck it, lick it, worship that prick. That’s who you are now… at least when you’re with me.”

    Her words, though harsh, were whispered with a hint of affectionate contempt that made his dick throb in the pink panties she’d made him wear. He could feel a wet spot forming and knew she was right. With her, he’d be the girly girl that his friends, family and girlfriend would never, ever meet… hopefully. He felt a wave of lust hit him and it made him clench… the thrill of possible exposure and public humiliation excited him as well, but he didn’t dare tell her that. He feared she would push his limits, just like she was pushing him now. But it felt so right, despite what he’d always thought. He’d thought being a cocksucker made him weak, but the more he sucked that giant cock, the more powerful he felt. His confidence increased and she saw it.

    “Yes, that’s it, embrace your inner faggot. I won’t tell a soul how feminine you feel right now, it’s our little secret. But I told you it would change you, didn’t I? I told you how much power a woman has, even on her knees with a cock in her mouth. You hold his orgasm in the balance. You and you alone can make it heaven or hell with the flick of your tongue. So do it, make him cum right there in your mouth. I want to see you swallow your very first cumload. Do it for me.” She said and he eagerly worked the phallus to please both the man and his Mistress.

    As the first hot splatter of sperm hit his tongue, he looked up to see the ecstasy on the man’s face… and the smile on his Mistress’s. He knew he’d not only fulfilled his deepest, darkest fantasy, but that it wouldn’t be the last time he sucked cock for her. Yes, she was right, this could get addictive. He felt his own penis erupt with pleasure as he swallowed every last drop… and he’d never touched it. The friction from the panties, her taunting words and the taste of spooge had driven him over the edge. In the post orgasmic bliss he forgot his worries, why fight it… this might be his first time as a sissy fag cocksucker, but it certainly wouldn’t be his last.

    To Be Continued on 3/18, Watch out for it and Enjoy!

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