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    New Schedule for Ms Lauren

    The summer is moving full swing and your femdom Mistress is finding herself sleeping later and later into the morning. Since I’ve become such a night owl, I’ve decided to switch my schedule around a bit. Instead of being on all day, I’ll be on all night! Starting Thursday, I’ll be on from 11pm – [...]

    A Matter of Desire

    Why be ashamed of the sexual encounters you desire? There’s no reason for shame even if cock in your mouth is your sexual preference. I understand part of the allure of forced bi humiliation phone sex comes from the absolute feeling of letting go, lacking control or responsibility for your actions. If you have a [...]

    Gloryhole Boi's Forced Bi Survey

    Gloryhole Boy called me Friday for an intense forced bi humiliation phone sex call. I always enjoy talking with my filthiest slut. He answered the questions in an interview format and it was loads of fun… do you want to take my forced bi survey? Copy and paste it into your email and add your [...]

    Forced Bi Survey for Those Who Wish To Suck

    I enjoy getting to know my forced bi phone sex callers. I love knowing all your dirty little secrets and filthy fantasies. So in an effort to promote such sharing, I’m listing some questions I’d like to know about you. Consider it an interview, copy and paste it and send it to me via email… [...]

    Gloryhole Boy Seduces Straight Guy for Forced Bi Humiliation

    Gloryhole Boy surprised me once again with his absolute depravity. He’s not a weak man, in fact he’s a very buff bodybuilder. Normally though, he doesn’t shit where he eats… as in he doesn’t fuck or attempt to fuck his employees. He broke this rule with a straight boy this week though and has forced [...]

    Phallus Worship... the Basis for Forced Bi Fantasies

    So many of you wannabe cocksuckers deny you’re a homosexual… and I think some of you might even be correct. I don’t think that at all. There are so many men, more than you’d expect, who are bisexual and though they might suspect it? Well, they don’t have the balls to admit that they’re craving [...]

    A Day in the Life of a Secret Cocksucker

    He waits until she’s left for work to pull out his laptop… and his cock. He’s been wanking so hard at all those super-duper large cocks that make his own seem like a shrimp dick. At first, he’d stroked to regular porn, but more and more… well, he’d found himself dreaming of being on his [...]

    The Further Adventures of Gloryhole Boy

    Gloryhole Boy called for more forced bi phone sex this weekend. He’s such a dirty little slut! He didn’t meet his challenge, but he did manage to suck and fuck several juicy cocks. I’m always so amused by Gloryhole Boy’s dedication to the fine art of fellatio. Some males are purely in it for the [...]

    Sucking Cock In Public

    My slave boy visited a ‘gloryhole’ in the park this weekend and got quite a bit more than he bargained for. All the other times he’d went down to the park to indulge in forced bi humiliation, the men had been quite happy with merely fucking his whore face. This time, the boys got a [...]

    A Challenge For Gloryhole Boy

    Gloryhole boy called me tonight for a hot and raunchy phone sex session… hungry for what he hadn’t had since the weekend. What, you ask? Well, a cock down his throat, of course! Gloryhole boy lives for the thrill of blowing whoever, whenever he can. He was booted from a restaurant recently for sucking cock [...]