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    Dreaming of Cock? You Aren't Alone...

    So you’re thinking you’re the only boy in the world who dreams of slurping down a fat cock? Well, truth is you aren’t alone. It’s my experience that no one is ever 100% gay or straight, most float on a scale somewhere ranging from convenient bisexuality if one is horny enough to vaguely curious about [...]

    Indulging Your Forced Bi Humiliation Desires

    Hello there, cocksuckers. I realize that most of you aren’t beyond the fantasy stage in your forced bi humiliation scenarios.I’m sure your first cocksucking fantasy involved you on your knees in front of a gorgeous woman wielding a strap on cock. Then as that lost it’s charm, your interest turned to shemales. After all, what [...]

    Does Forced Bi Humiliation Make You Gay?

    Hello all my forced bi fans! There’s one question you boys ask me time and time again. Does indulging yourself in forced bi humiliation fantasies make you gay? Today, I’m going to answer your question once and for all.

    Straight men don’t think of any cock other than their own. Sure they size up other men [...]