Forced Bi Mistress

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    Forced Bi Humiliation Fun with Cocksucker Carl

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    Tis the season to be a dirty little cocksucker… case in point… Cocksucker Carl. Carl loves to smoke a bone with the best of ‘em! While he’s a married man… with kids, no less… he risks his family, his job and income, his life all for his love of being on his knees before [...]

    Sucking Cock In Public... Risk Vs. Reward

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    I recently read an article where a gloryhole had been busted by local police. All the cheery little faggots had been rounded up and trotted out on display. Their names and so called crimes were listed plainly on the website via the local paper in that area. It got me thinking of all the [...]

    Passive Aggressive Forced Bi

    There’s nothing I hate more than passive aggression, it stinks of weakness and disrespect. What do I speak of, you ask? Those poor, pathetic males who claim they want one thing, then constantly challenge your authority to make them. For instance, I have males who claim they want public humiliation, blackmail and forced bi. [...]

    Sucking Cock In Public

    My slave boy visited a ‘gloryhole’ in the park this weekend and got quite a bit more than he bargained for. All the other times he’d went down to the park to indulge in forced bi humiliation, the men had been quite happy with merely fucking his whore face. This time, the boys got a [...]